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Marquees – a perfect alternative to brick and mortal party halls

Are you planning to arrange a party and looking for a party hall? Then here is an opportunity for you to make the party something unique and yet cost effective. As you know, hiring a party hall for a small or medium size party could be a burden on your wallet. Therefore, why not consider hiring a marquee. Do not be under the impression that they are mere tents. They are something different; they provide you all the comforts that you expect from a brick and mortar party hall. It is for this reason, many people hire Marquee in Sydney.

Made of PVC:

Marquees are available in different sizes. The size of the marquee varies from 3 meters X 3 meters to 6 meters X 21 meters! They are available in stunning designs. Of course, you can also get marquees that are larger than these.  They are also available in different colors like white, pink, blue and so on. Modern marquees are made using fabric that is coated with PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride fabric). This cloth is known for its strength, and they are waterproof and durable. In fact, such cloth is tear resistant too. This cloth is available in different thickness and quality.

Sizes of Marquee:

Further, you can hire Marquee in Sydney with certain unique shapes. Marquees are available in shapes like square, rectangle, bell shaped ends, multi apex, hats and pinnacles and several other shapes. Normally, the shape or design of a marquee depends on its size. You also get marquee in umbrella shape.

Some of the other features of a marquee are briefly explained here:

·        Marquees are available on rental. The hire charge of a marquee normally depends on its size, the duration for which it is hired and several other factors.

·        The marquees are meant for outdoor parties. This logistic is very much vital for all types of marquees. Naturally, it also implies you should select a place that has enough space to set up marquees. The place you choose should have access  power and water. Never mind, the marquees are designed to withstand the onslaughts caused by the rain.

·        Along with the marquee, you can also hire other furniture like dining table and chair, fridge, bar, linen, including bar stool and various other types of furniture and related items. Normally, items supplied on hire along with the marquee are classified into two types, which are marquees for budget party and for wedding party.

·        Among the different shapes of marquees, Multi Apex marquee is considered to be an ideal choice for fairly larger parties. These are marquees of varying width, and they are effectively linked with use of appropriate gadgets. As a result, such marquees can accommodate a larger number of guests. In such marquees, you also find an exclusive dining hall and also a kitchen.

Ideal for budget parties:

Marquees are considered to be very useful for those who are looking forward to hosting budget parties. However, when you hire marquee in Sydney, you must ensure the marquees installed are of good quality, and all the safety measures are taken care of. The rental of marquees is normally computed on an hourly basis.