How to Prevent an Addiction to Online Pokies

Gambling at sites such as online pokies from Best Casino Source is generally a form of great entertainment as well as fun. If you are playing the slots machines in some of the most top-rated online casinos on the web, you can also have a very exciting experience in platforms that have been built to help you maximize on the enjoyment. However, if you are not careful, it is very easy to get addicted to online gambling. As they say, too much of anything is bad. With gambling, it could be really bad and could easily turn you into a pauper as you gamble away every little cash that you get.

Whether you are doing land-based casino gambling or online based gambling in some of the online pokies from Best Casino Source, you have to take precautions in order to avoid transforming this hobby into an addiction. Whenever you are addicted to something, you generally have a compulsive need to do that thing and the effects can be quite harmful. It becomes a monster that you have to feed at all times at the expense of everything else.  Gambling addiction has wreaked havoc on many careers, families, friendships, and finances. People basically blow away their life’s savings on gambling either online or land-based until they are woken up from their delusions of easy riches when they finally run out of cash.

In order to prevent gambling from taking control of your life, here are some useful tips that you can apply in order to control it:

Allocate gambling money

If you love gambling, allocate a fixed amount of money every week or every month that you will spend on gambling. It should be the money that you can afford to lose. Whenever you have used up your gambling allocation, simply stop playing. There is always the temptation to use just a little extra when you run out of your gambling money. Do not give in to that temptation.

Allocate time

Your gambling should be time-bound. Don’t turn it into a limitless activity. Allocate a fixed amount of time every day or every week that you will devote to gambling. Once you are done, leave it right away and focus your efforts on other work. Try as much as possible to make it only an occasional activity.

Don’t play and drink

When playing the online pokies from Best Casino Source, make sure you don’t do it while drinking. You will need to maintain mental focus throughout the game and also retain  good judgment throughout in order to avoid losing too much money.

Don’t gamble as an escape

There are people who choose gambling as a form of escape from some emotional crises in their lives. This can be quite dangerous as it can make an already bad situation even worse when you begin losing the money.

Make friends and go out once in a while

You are likely to find gambling quite addictive if you are alone and using it as an escape from loneliness or solitude. Try to find other activities that you can engage in especially ones that take you to the outdoors. This will help you spend a lot of your time doing something that is actually constructive rather than a destructive compulsive habit such as gambling.

Don’t play for money

If you are playing online pokies in order to make money over the long term, you are embarking on a fool’s errand. If you have lost some money in gambling, stop playing in order to cut your losses as you are most likely going to lose even more money. If you win some money quit playing. If you are on a losing streak, quit it for the day and try your luck another day.

Online pokies are meant to be enjoyed, not to be addicted to. Play with responsibility and some measure of control and you will be just fine.

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